Checklist for Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

Due to its constant exposure to the sun, wind and other elements, the roof is the most susceptible portion of any house or commercial building. It also plays a big role in protecting the rest of the structure from lasting damage. To keep your commercial roof in good condition, it is important to inspect and care for it on a regular basis.

Check Drainage and Gutters All roofs need proper drainage to prevent damage due to standing water. This is particularly true for flat or low-slope roofing. Run water through the drains regularly to ensure that there are no clogs and things are operating correctly. The same is true for gutters.

Remove Debris There are all sorts of things that can be blown and trapped on a rooftop. This is even more common on flat surfaces that serve as a sort of above-ground patio. However, all roofs should be inspected for trapped leaves, sticks, animal feces, and other garbage that may have made its way to the surface. It is likely to collect around disturbances in the surface – chimneys, HVAC equipment, and vents. The accumulation can also trap water and eat away at the surface. It is also wise to cut back any trees that may overhang the surface and drop debris.

Blistering, Cracks, Holes? Most importantly, look for areas of the roof that might allow moisture to enter the building. Cracks, breaks, holes, or blistering in the surface are signs of trouble that should be dealt with right away.

Inspect Flashing A major area of concern when looking for potential leaks is the flashing, which is used around the vents, chimneys, and even at junction points of the roof. Flashing is highly important to maintaining a water-tight seal. Be sure it is installed correctly and in good condition.

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