April Weather and Your Roof in Dallas, TX

dallas in aprilSpring is a good time to have a roof checked for any repairs or maintenance needs. Your roof is baring the changes in Dallas TX weather every day and can be affected by the fluctuations in temperature and precipitation like rain or hail. In order to preserve your roofing system, you should try to time your inspections and any repairs for good weather days and before any bad weather arrives as best you can.

April is generally a good time to schedule roof repairs, replacements, and cleaning, but there are still some weather conditions that can hinder your plans. For the month of April, the normal high temperature is 76 degrees Fahrenheit and the normal low is 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, Dallas natives and long-time residents know that the temperature and weather conditions can sometimes deviate greatly from the norm. For instance, on April 6, 2006, the mercury hit triple digits. The mercury in the thermometer quickly hit the 80s, gradually rose through the 90s and hit a historic April record temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dallas can also get quite cold in April. It can get cold enough to snow and force residents to reach for their winter coats and gloves. While it is not uncommon to see the temperature dip below 40 on a couple of days in April, there was one day in April that seniors might remember when the temperature hit 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

As one would expect, the first day of April has lower average highs and lows than the last day of the month. Historic National Weather Service data for April 1 in Dallas shows average lows of 51 degrees and average highs of 73 degrees. On April 30, the average lows jump up to 59 degrees and the highs move up to 79 degrees.

Rainfall averages about 3.2 inches for the month, but on one particular day, April 26, 1957, the city was deluged with 5.1 inches in a 24 hour period.

If you know you need to have a roofer come out to fix a roof leak, make sure to stay on top of the local weather report for your area in DFW. Keep in mind that other homeowners will probably be doing the same, so it’s best not to wait too long before calling to schedule your appointment to get your leak fixed prior to a storm.

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