What is Ultra-Ever Dry?

rain on damp slate roof (1) Have you ever longed for a product that could waterproof just about anything?

If you live or work in a rainy climate, just imagine how handy it would be. Rain and water damage would be a thing of the past. How about work gloves, boots, and even tools? If so, then a new product called Ultra-Ever Dry might be just the ticket.

Manufactured by Ultra-tech, a company based in Florida that produces containers designed for chemical cleanup and waste management, Ultra-Ever Dry truly is a remarkable product. It creates an invisible, almost immeasurably thin barrier of air over a surface, protecting it against virtually any type of liquid penetration. Not only can Ultra-Ever Dry be used on work gloves, boots and tools, it can even be used on wet surfaces, such as mud, freshly poured concrete and even oil.

This innovative product is applied with a spray gun. On surfaces that are outside and exposed to the elements, a single application will typically last between 2 and 8 months. Just consider what a wonderful product this could be when applied to your roof! Having a roofer waterproof your shingles or metal roof could possibly prevent water damage and extend the life of your roofing. When applied to surfaces that will be inside or protected from the sun and weather, one application will probably last 12 months or even longer.

What’s even more impressive is how inexpensive this product is. This is one liquid barrier that is so reasonably priced almost anyone can afford to use it.

One word of caution, however – Ultra-Ever Dry is loaded with toxic chemicals, which means it should not be used on anything that’s related to food. So if you’re looking for something to waterproof your cutting board, this isn’t it.

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Rain on a damp slate roof | Flickr – Photo Sharing! | slinz0 | http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en / CC BY 2.0