Common Locations for Roof Leaks

roof leak

Left unattended, roof leaks can cause some serious and costly problems. Knowing which locations are more prone to form leaks will help you to more easily find them and will give you plenty of opportunity to call a roofing contractor to repair the leaks before too much damage is done.

Water stains on the rooftop, walls or ceilings are good indications of a leak.  Start by doing a visual inspection of your roof. If you see a stream of water stains, try to determine where it might have originated. If you can’t immediately make that determination by looking at the roof, here are a few places to keep an eye on.

Areas Prone to Leaks

•Plumbing vents: Loose nails or a broken gasket can easily create a leak around a plumbing vent.
•Flashing: One of the most typical locations for leaks is the flashing around chimneys, where the metal can rust over time, separate from the chimney and allow water to seep through. Also look at step flashing – if it slips, water can leak into the wall.
•Roof vents: Vents of any kind can become cracked over time, but plastic vents are especially prone to breaking.
•Small holes: Holes in your roof due to old roofing material or weather damage can create big problems if they’re not fixed. Remember that even small holes should be repaired promptly.

Although many roof leaks can be repaired fairly easily, climbing onto your roof is risky. If you’re not comfortable doing this, or if you just want to be sure that all leaks are completely repaired, don’t hesitate to contact a professional roofing contractor to handle the job for you.

Source: The Family Handyman

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