What about Metal Roofing Shingles

The advantages of metal roofing has been obvious since it was first released to the masses, however, in the beginning, few wanted to use it for the simple fact that it did little to enhance the beauty of a home. However, over time engineers developed methods of adapting the material to fit the aesthetic needs of the consumer and now it is a highly desired material. Among the many choices available in the metal roofing line-up is the metal shingle, made to resemble traditional asphalt shingles, but without the mess and with a longer warranty.

There are several types of metal used for roofing purposes, including steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. Each has a distinct list of advantages and disadvantages, but due to their resilient nature, metal roofing materials often carry very long warranties and may even be guaranteed for life. This is due to the fact that they are not susceptible to many of the natural elements as other roofing materials would be. Mold, insects, and rot are not issues when metal roofing has been installed and it is also very durable against blustering winds and heavy rainfall.

There are disadvantages to metal, as with anything. Metal shingles must be installed properly to provide an effective water barrier, so the help of a professional will be required. Some of the metals are stronger than others. For instance, while copper is beautiful, stunning atop a home, it is a softer metal and can suffer dings and dents from fallen branches or missteps during installation. Yet, despite these facts, metal roofing remains one of the most durable options and is also considered a very environmentally conscious choice.

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